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We would like to thank you for giving our son his hand back - his Motor skills back and his sensation after his second operation. 2016 November was the day Alessio had a very bad skateboard accident and was emergency operated in a private hospital in Mumbai! Later on a second time and then the aftercare was suppose to kick in, however the doctor was not able nor make any improvements and his arm was entirely restricted in movement. Priyanka - You truly made all the efforts to understand and researched every treatment and with your patient care and diligent commitement you were able to get his movement back one day at a time! I truly cannot thank you all for the amazing support and help by giving our son all of us motor skills back and today he is confident to play and use is hand! We as a family feel that the team and specially Priyanka brought him after 7 months of therapy back so he can be a boy again who can play be happy confident - joyful human being!


Alchemy has been a life-saver as far as my training is concerned. Injuries are part and parcel of leading an active life and I first hobbled in here with a disc bulge and immense pain. Whoever I went to earlier suggested a long recovery, putting a temporary end to my training. For anyone who loves running and physical fitness these words sound like a death knell. At Alchemy, I met with Priyanka Talreja who worked her magic and I was up and about in 10 days helping me run my first ever Half Marathon in Mumbai in January 2017. That was over 1.5 years ago and since then I have had no issue with my back whatsoever. The best thing is how quickly they want you to recover and they do everything in their power to get you back on your feet at the earliest. I've recommended Alchemy (and Priyanka) to many people I train with and each and everyone of them has marvelled at how quickly and easily they've been put on the road to recovery. Thank you, Alchemy!


Dear Kayroze, I want to place on record my deep and sincere appreciation for the physical training programme that you have placed me under for the past more than one year. Before March 2016 I had severe backache and had a limp on my right foot on account of an old and untreated injury. Thanks to your careful physical training I am relieved of my pain & there is considerable improvement in my walking. I deeply appreciate your sincerity and commitment in ensuring my physical well-being.


I started training with Kelly after several months of physical therapy for shoulder and knee pain. In under 3 months, I have seen a big difference in my strength/flexibility and after more than 2 years, I have been able to get back to running pain free. Kelly is very knowledgeable and has come with a truely personalized training program. Been a great experience so far and highly recommend him


Feel that I have got the best possible treatment and owe my life to Dr Priyanka Talreja!! I might not have been able to stand on my feet if not for her. I am a Performer and needless to say, the body is the most important medium of any performer... A fully fit body!! I have literally met the best orthopedics, spine specialists and physiotherapists in Mumbai,but not a single person paid any attention to the source of my pain. When diagnosed by them, I was told that I would never be able to perform anymore. I was on the edge of depression. And then I met Priyanka. She not only healed me physically but boosted my confidence to dance and perform again. She went the extra mile and studied through various videos of the dance forms or Marshall art forms that I'm involved with, and added that knowledge to my rehabilitation programme. Slowly but steadily, I got back my strength and within 3 months of working with her, I was able to travel internationally to partake in my dream project. Although, I am still under rehab, she believes that one shouldn't be dependent on their physiotherapist all the time. Infact, I would go further and say that she doesn't sell you any fears, unlike many other doctors I've met. She honestly and genuinely wants you to get better and tries hard for that. Priyanka is truly a Healer.. A beautiful, honest and down to earth person.

Renu Katrak

Dear Priyanka, This is to express my appreciation and gratitude for my therapy sessions with you over the last couple of months. It has certainly helped more than any other treatment I have done before, and I would unhesitatingly recommend you to anyone in need of the same. Besides the treatment, your warm and caring approach, along with all the helpful and friendly staff at Alchemy made me feel very comfortable.

Rohan Haksar

Having suffered an ACL injury 7 years back I was quite worried when I tore the other ACL last November. Being an architect I am always on the move and I also had a holiday to Iceland planned in March ! Safe to say Alchemy and Utsav in particular allayed my fears and I was mobile in a week with the help or regular physio sessions and even managed a glacier hike. He ensured that I have simple but effective daily exercises that has helped build and strengthen my muscles. The prehab component has also really helped me lead a normal life until I decide to undergo surgery.

Sunil Advani

Utsav Shah of Alchemy has been my physiotherapist for some 15 months now, ever since I was diagnosed with two tears in my rotator cuff tendons. From a situation of daily pain in the shoulder for the previous few months, within a week or so his physiotherapy magic made me totally pain free. Against the strong advice of my shoulder surgeon, I had decided to avoid surgery and make do with a damaged shoulder ( since I’m already 73 years of age), and I was counting on physiotherapy to help me do this. Utsav has fulfilled my hopes in full measure with his once a week sessions of massage. Deterioration in the torn tendons has not happened ( despite the dire warnings of the surgeon), and I’m living a completely normal life. Thank you, thank you, Utsav!

Vivek Nayer

6 weeks before I was to leave for Everest Base Camp I went and pulled / tore the hamstring on my left leg. I was shattered as I had been training for the trek for nearly a year. When I went to Utsav at Alchemy I was in pain. But he was brilliant and assured me that 6 weeks was enough time for him to get me fit enough for the trek. Initially when we started I had my doubts and was dreading making that call to my trekking group informing them that i would not be able to make the trek. However, Utsav kept seeing me every 10 days and kept changing the exercises and worked with me closely. Slowly but steadily I saw a drastic improvement. If it was not for him there was no way i would have been able to go for the trek. A big thanks to him and the people at Alchemy.

Mukeeta and Pramit Jhaveri

Whether a sports injury or exercise or travel induced muscle spasm we have benefited from Utsav’s brand of physio. A patient methodical observation based on a keen insight into muscle physiology followed by simple manipulation ( he works) followed by a simple short daily exercise protocol for muscle strengthening (we work) brought both immediate relief and lasting benefits. Pilates originally used as a rehab tool is now an effective fun exercise regime.