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Pregnancy often shifts your body's centre of gravity, causing discomfort. Prenatal & Postpartum Massages are not only therapeutic throughout the pregnancy period but also post-delivery. Alchemy's Pregnancy Massage Therapy is customiSation to help put mothers at ease during this period.

How it

As pregnancy alters your body's centre of gravity, it puts a lot of stress on your back, neck, abdominal muscles and shoulders. Due to the weight that your body is now carrying, your pelvic joints are also less stable. These changes affect your posture and result in lower back aches.

Pregnancy massage helps release tension from your muscles. By targeting sore points, our trained massage therapist can help alleviate strain and relieve your body.


Alchemy is one of the best centres for Pregnancy Massage therapies/services in Mumbai. We provide Prenatal Massages as well. Try it today.