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Health constitutes 30% of exercise and 70% of food intake. Right nutrition is necessary for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At Alchemy, we provide you with holistic and appropriate nutrition counseling with regards to your food intake on a daily basis, in order to help you stay healthy and fit.
We have on board, the expertise of some of the most famous clinical, sports, pregnancy and vegetarian nutritionists and dietitians in Mumbai.

How it

Every person has a unique biochemistry. Taking this factor into account, Nutritional Consultation is tailored to fit your body’s needs.

Depending on your workout routine and goals, Nutritional Consultation helps you lose or maintain your ideal weight. It also encourages you to eat fresh and avoid unhealthy food.


Alchemy provides the best Nutrition Consultation in Mumbai and our nutritionists are always available to guide you about different weight loss methods including Keto and Intermittent Fasting. Try It today.